Snack sales made simple

Set up the word’s first and only cardboard snack vending machine and earn $2 for every snack sold. No cash register (or electricity) required.

Make $2 profit
for snack sold

Keep the profits or fundraise for a good cause


$2 profit per snack

Split It

$1 profit per snack and $1 goes to charity of your choice

Keep It

$2 to charity of your choice

Snacks that give back

Climate Change Box

Looking to snack while donating to a charitable cause? Choose from one of our charity boxes.

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Education Box

You can also choose from one of our other numerous snack boxes.

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Partner with 500+ charities

They scan and snack in 5 seconds

Scanning the QR activates payment with apple, google or a CC number. Done.

Customers grab any snack (all are $4) and enjoy. The honor system is delicious.

T H E   S N A C K S

Powered by the best snacks on the planet.

The world’s most advanced cardboard would be empty without the incredible curation of snacks from our resident tastemakers.

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Customize your vending machine inside and out.

Work with us to pick the perfect snacks and even co-brand and custom design your box.

*Minimums apply

Pick a snack theme and you're in business.

Choose from 50+ vending machines curated for different occasions, seasons and locations. 50 snacks for $100. Questions or want to customize your box? Email us.

Sell snacks anywhere

Our Cardboard Vending Machines are a completely portable moneymaker.
If you’ve got space for a box, you can set up and sell.

Co-Working Spaces

Keep the kitchen stocked without blowing your budget.

Uber / Lyft

Boost your rating with snacks sold from your center console.


Raise money for the PTA, fuel a frat party, the list goes on.

Coffee Shops

Outsource the edibles so you can focus on the brew.

On the Street & In the Park

Get out and sell wherever there may be hungry humans.

Hotels & Rentals

Have a stash of goodies on hand for your guests.